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This site provides the free electronic tutorials that teach the basic electronics principles needed to perform the interactive troubleshooting that we specialize in the Basic Electronics interactive Web..  


Military Electronics
Sound Ranging

Electrical Energy

DC verses AC Power

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District Cooling

Heat Storage

CHP for Home in Japan

Electric Cars
Hybrid Cars

Lithium Ion Batteries

Corn Solar Collectors

Regenerative Braking

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What's New

This reading list was added to supplement our Basic Electronics site in October 2005.  Our Basic Electronics eBook is primarily a collection of our circuit animations and simulations in an eBook format. It is intended to supplement a course or an electronics book with realistic troubleshooting exercises.  This reading list is intended primarily for those students without a textbook seeking conventional tutorial type training.  We hope that after you study a topic you will still use the simulations and animations in Basic Electronics to test your troubleshooting ability. 


Date Dec. 28, 2005

bulletAnalog Electronics Lecture- Synthesized Sound Window (PDF)   
bulletRadio Electronics Slideshow - Online Animations

Date Feb. 1, 2007 

bulletReleased Winter Edition of The Energy Matrix ezine.  An educational alternative energy site. 
bulletSpring edition is in work. Released 4-4-07

Date December 1, 2007

bulletAdded List of all our animations. This enables teacher or student to access all animations from one menu. 

Date March 27, 2114

bulletAdded an IT (Information Technology, Internet Technology and a Computer Technology) section to this Reading List.  
bulletUnix and Dos 



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