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This site provides the free electronic tutorials that teach the basic electronics principles needed to perform the interactive troubleshooting that we specialize in the Basic Electronics interactive Web..  


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Military Electronics
Sound Ranging

Electrical Energy

DC verses AC Power

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District Cooling

Heat Storage

CHP for Home in Japan

Electric Cars
Hybrid Cars

Lithium Ion Batteries

Corn Solar Collectors

Regenerative Braking


What our  seminar is not:
It is not a substitute for a book.  It is intended to teach system and electronic troubleshooting to those who have read or are reading a book on electronics.  If you are not reading a book, we provide plenty of links to online tutorials. It does attempt virtual teaching, but will not provide you any type of degree or certificate.  It is no substitute for a live teacher or real school; however,  it is free and our instructor, Bill,  will answer questions about his animations and simulations.

What our seminar is:
It does teach its readers to troubleshoot.  It does this with lectures, animations, and simulations.  Its troubleshooting exercises provide students with virtual training.  

Our Synthesized Lecture Format
My Lectures are in PDF format, but are not meant to be read, but listened to with Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher Read Out Load function. They are edited to sound good. For example, I write AC electricity as A - C electricity so that it sounds better.  I also use a few extra commas now and than.  The purpose of my synthesized speech is to engage your ears while your eyes are viewing a animation or graphic.  Once Adobe Reader is activated, the PDF window can be minimized.  The sound will continue, leaving screen free for a page with associated graphics.  

Our MPEG Lecture Format:  
We do include some streaming MPEGS of short duration on our site.  These will sound choppy to people with dial up service.  That is why I prefer the synthesized speech format.  A long lecture can be downloaded in a few seconds.  















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