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This site provides the free electronic tutorials that teach the basic electronics principles needed to perform the interactive troubleshooting that we specialize in the Basic Electronics interactive Web..  


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Military Electronics
Sound Ranging

Electrical Energy

DC verses AC Power

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District Cooling

Heat Storage

CHP for Home in Japan

Electric Cars
Hybrid Cars

Lithium Ion Batteries

Corn Solar Collectors

Regenerative Braking

Free Animations for High school Math and Physics Courses


When I taught electronics at a technical institute, I realized that most  of my effort was expended teaching teaching what I had learned in a public High school academic program.  I was motivated to learn algebra, advanced algebra, geometry,  trigonometry and advanced trigonometry with no motivations other than gaining entry into college.  Okay I'll admit physics and chemistry were a little fun.  Today, physics and mathematics teachers need to make their courses more interesting and performance orientated.  If you agree then: HAVE I GOT DEAL FOR YOU!

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When to buy:  My sites, Kits  and books like Electronic Concepts are a great free assets that you can link to develop more interesting lesson plans.  Once you (Teachers and Curriculum directors) should consider buying a staple version that is independent of the continued (I'm Old, and my slide rule is starting to stick.) existence of my Webs.  This can be accomplished by purchasing  my special 2013 teachers package. Coming soon!   







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