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This site provides the free electronic tutorials that teach the basic electronics principles needed to perform the interactive troubleshooting that we specialize in the Basic Electronics interactive Web..  

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New! Get Bill's Free book Electronic Concepts. Download Zipped PDF file: Click Here!  Unzip PDF file, Open PDF file.  
Recommend* that you print this e-book. Electronic Concepts is written to work in conjunction with slide show control matrix below. Study text and view animations online. Text covers RCL networks, semiconductors, power supplies, operational amplifiers and much more. Emphasis is on circuit troubleshooting. Troubleshooting simulated faults is an excellent way for technical and engineering students to review circuit concepts.
* Audio version of this e-book released 2007. See bottom of page.

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New! (2007)  Save Paper! Download audio version of Electronic Concepts: Click Here!
Unzip PDF file, Open PDF file, Select View and READ OUT LOUD under View.  Minimize PDF file and continue to listen.  Click buttons above when directed to do so.  Use Browser back button to get back to this page as required.  This version of PDF document optimized for synthesized sound.

Preview Electronics Concepts in MP3: To hear chapters 5,6 and 9 synthetic sound open links below in NEW Window using right click method, and then Minimize sound window so that you can see buttons above

Chapter#5 Serial Parallel Circuits, MP3Note: Click button 6 above when sound starts.  
  Chapter#6 AC, MP3  Chapter#9 Resonance, MP3 

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