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New in 2009 Circuit Kits:  Learn more about Circuit Kits
Circuit Kits will enable you to download circuit animations and use them Offline.  Teachers can make these animations part of their own curriculum and use them
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Listing of all 82 circuit animations and simulations
 produced by Science Ebooks

38 Passive Circuits

Very simple Resistive Circuit with a fault   

Ten Resistive Circuit Animations   

Two Parallel Circuit Animations

Four Resistive Circuit JavaScript Simulations  

Potentiometer Video (No Fault)    Potentiometer Video (With Fault)   

Realistic looking Potentiometer Circuit with fault 

Series Circuit Demonstration   

Series-Parallel Circuit with fault 

Universal Ammeter Circuit Simulation with a fault.       New : Universal Ammeter Simulator Full Version!

 Two Universal Ammeter Animations

Universal Ammeter JavaScript Simulation  

 Five simple capacitance circuit demonstration animations         Available in Kit 4

Frequency Response of RC High Pass Filters                                Available in Kit 5 Lab Manual 

Frequency Response of RC Low Pass Filters

Two RC circuit Animations                                          Available in Kit 4  

Chepyshev High pass Filter Frequency Response Plot

High Pass Filter Animations with three faults         Available in Kit 5

 Low Pass Filter Animations with three faults        Available in Kit 5


New : Graphic Lab Manual Full Version    This eBook (PDF File) consists of lab directions and testing results in graphical format.  The student must analyze data to fault isolate a simulated failure. 


21 Active Circuits

Diode basics animations   

Zener Diode   

Diode Rectifier Animation   

Power Supply Rectifier Circuit with three faults

Power Supply Voltage Regulator Circuit with three faults

Transistor Circuit (Near Bottom of Page

Three Transistor Circuits 

Transistor Emitter Bypass Capacitor Animation 

Simple Transistor Voltage Regulator with 3 faults inserted.   

Multivibrator Animation with two faults   

Simple Amplifier with three faults (Power Decibel Plots) 

Simple Amplifier with one fault oscilloscope animation 

Differential Amplifier Animation with 1 fault inserted.    

Two Operational Amplifier Circuit Animations    

OP AMP Active Filter and DAC

Active Low Pass Filter  

Active Low Pass Filter Troubleshooting  

Complex Transistor Regulated Power Supply  


13 Digital Circuits

And/Or Logic implemented with switches, Animation  

Troubleshooting Adder Circuit with Logic Probe

Four Bit Adder (No Fault)    Four Bit Adder ( Fault 1)   Four Bit Adder (Fault 2)

Four Digital Circuits with faults

Comparator Circuit Animation with fault

Programmable Basic Computer Simulator

Programmable Basic Computer Simulator with Interface 

Programmable Basic Computer Simulator Troubleshooting