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Chapter 6  

AC Circuits and Filters 

Troubleshooting Laboratory

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AC Circuits and Capacitance

It is possible to generate electricity by spinning a coil within a magnetic field.  A sinusoidal voltage is generated as a result of this spinning coil.

Read  Site Linker 31 and 40. Use Menu to find AC topics. 

View Applet showing: "The relations between circular motion, simple harmonic motion and waves"


Capacitor Demonstration:


Troubleshooting Laboratory


The animation below shows the input and output of the differentiator circuit. The signal Generator provides a 1 kHz square wave input to RC circuit. C is provided by a virtual capacitance decade box.

Vertical sensitivity = 1 volt/cm
Horizontal sensitivity  = .2 ms/cm

RC Circuit Demonstration:


DSL and voice on same line implemented with filters


AC: Look Inside p.80 of Chapt.2 
Capacitors: Look Inside p.102 of Chapt.2  
Inductors: Look Inside p.113 of Chapt.2


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Logic Circuits
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JavaScript for scientific Calculation  You may have noticed that I have not discussed calculations in this tutorial.  I  teach calculations using JavaScript. JavaScript programs can be developed with Notepad and  Internet Explorer. These programs are on most computers that use Windows.



Also See: Impedance Calculators- resistive, inductive, capacitive, and resonant.

 and    AC POWER and ENERGY BASICS ( Power Factor, Watts,VA, etc.)



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