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Basic Electronic Table of Contents

Directory of Select Electronic Sites
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 Electromagnetic Spectrum
"We may think that radio waves are completely different physical objects or events than gamma-rays. They are produced in very different ways, and we detect them in different ways. But are they really different things? The answer is 'no'. Radio waves, visible radiation, X-rays, and all the other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are fundamentally the same thing."
[ Quote from Site]

Interactive Java Tutorials
Java Applets relating to many electronic and physics topics.

The Virtual Laboratory
Lots of applets. Must about physics but some about electronics. Great sites lots of great stuff.


Introduction to Neural Networks.
"Neural networks are a new method of programming computers. They are exceptionally good at performing pattern recognition and other tasks that are very difficult to program using conventional techniques. Programs that employ neural nets are also capable of learning on their own and adapting to changing conditions."[ Quote from Site]

 Electron Microscope
"A scanning electron microscope uses a different principle. Like a rapid-fire BB gun, it scans electrons across the target which reflect onto a fluorescent screen where the image is captured by a camera and enlarged. Electrons are much smaller than atoms, so a scanning electron microscope paints a razor-sharp image of the target. This is useful for mapping details of objects that light microscopes can see. The downside is that the picture has no true colors, just black and white.

X-ray optics and microscopy at Stony Brook
 "Welcome to the x-ray optics and microscopy group at Stony Brook. We use coherent soft x rays for optics experiments. Much of our effort is directed towards using Fresnel zone plates to produce the smallest focused spot of electromagnetic waves of any wavelength, and exploiting that microfocused beam for studies of biological and materials science specimens."[ Quote from Site]

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy
Great pictures taken through an Electron Microscope. Pictures are Colorized.


Impedance Calculators- resistive, inductive, capacitive, and resonant. 
"These calculators have been devised by an experienced electronics engineer, and made available to the world at no charge." [ Quote from Site]


Unit Convertor 



Piezo Education

"Extensive information detailing
the terminology of piezoceramics
and the relationship among
variables for functional applications.
Introduction to
Explaining the capabilities of
and applications for benders,
and the different configurations available.
History of
The background basics from discovery
to current applications."
[ Quote from Site]



Circuits for the Hobbyist

Has a good selection of circuits. 

"Static Electricity" Page
Lots of Projects and articles.



Electricity and Magnetism ...
In this chapter we will discuss phenomena associated with electricity and magnetism. Although these are two apparently distinct topics, we shall see that there actually is a deep connection between them."[ Quote from Site]



Learn Physics Today
Has a good interactive section on Basic Electronics



Input/Data Acquisition System Design for Human Computer Interfacing



Electronic Troubleshooting
Contains lots of animated troubleshooting and JAVA circuit simulations with fault insertion. 


Electrons - Edison Effect
"One clue comes from the "Edison effect," discovered by Thomas Alva Edison. Imagine a glass bulb from which air has been pumped, until hardly any of it remains. In one end we embed a metal coil of wire (like that of a flashlight bulb) in the other a metal plate, as drawn. Connect now a battery between the coil and the plate, so that the former is negative and the latter is positive."

A look Inside the Atom
"amidst glowing glass tubes and the hum of electricity, the British physicist J.J. Thomson was venturing into the interior of the atom. At the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University, Thomson was experimenting with currents of electricity inside empty glass tubes. He was investigating a long-standing puzzle known as "cathode rays." His experiments prompted him to make a bold proposal: these mysterious rays are streams of particles much smaller than atoms, they are in fact minuscule pieces of atoms. He called these particles "corpuscles," and suggested that they might make up all of the matter in atoms. It was startling to imagine a particle residing inside the atom--most people thought that the atom was indivisible, the most fundamental unit of matter." From A look Inside the Atom.

New(2003): Site Linker   is my global map to over 200 sites about electronics and physics with a 2000 item index to make research easy.

The Logic Circuit Experiment is excellent for electronic students. It provides student with a simulator of digit logic circuits using basic gates.

Nori's Java 
Contains great Applets. Some are listed below:

bulletThe relations between circular motion, simple harmonic motion and wave
bulletPrinciple of superposition (1)
bulletPrinciple of superposition (2)
bulletStationary wave
bulletHuygens' principle
bulletReflection of a sin wave
bulletReflection of a pulse wave

Fermi Labs Game
Game relating to atomic physics.

Brownian Motion

Sound Wave Propagation

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Basic Electronics
Physics System Troubleshooting
Numerical Troubleshooting
JavaScript Programming

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New(2003): Site Linker   is my global map to almost 200 sites about electronics and physics. 








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