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Chapter 18
Regulated Power Supplies


Pages 3-6  

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Observe Baseline operation of regulated power supply below, and listen to MP3 lecture.  Then troubleshoot fault one to four below.  This voltage regulator simulation uses a battery rather than a rectifier as a power source.  Since batteries do not generate ripple voltage, I provided a dynamic load to demonstrate that voltage regulators not only adjust for slow changes in current but can attenuate AC and ripple voltages as well.  The frequencies I used were 50, 60, 400, and 1200 hertz corresponding to European, US, Military, and three phase 400 ripple hertz ripple frequencies.  Thus, it illustrates effect of regulator on ripple voltage or AC current loads. 




The Dynamic Load Simulator produces a variable direct current load initially and a AC load in the lather part of the Gif animation.  Dynamic Load Simulator sole purpose is to simulate loads that are not constant.  You should observe how the feedback increases the B-E bias across T1 as the current increases.  The current meter displays both DC and AC readings.  The signal generator displays frequency during AC measurement phase of animation only.  DC current was held at 3 Amps during AC measurement phase.

Specification: Power Supply is required to maintain output of 15V (+ or - .20 V) with a load ranging from .25 to 3.0 AMPS. Fault isolate defective units below.

Fault 1        Fault 2        Fault 3        Fault 4




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