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Chapter 5

Parallel-Series Circuits

To Troubleshoot JavaScript Simulation of  circuit below  Click Here!
To view GIF animations of resistive circuits Click Here!



Below we see a good Universal Ammeter being tested. External Ammeter and Current Source are part of test setup. External Ammeter always reads correct.



External Ammeter always reads correct. Note that External Ammeter does not always agree with Universal Ammeter shown below. Determine which Universal Ammeter component has failed.  Is it R1, R2,  R3, 2 ma switch, 10 ma switch, 100 ma switch or Meter Movement.






To Troubleshoot JAVA Simulation of above circuit Click Here!

To view GIF animations of resistive networks Click Here!



  Look Inside p.58 of Chapt.2

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Answer: Meter Movement









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