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Chapter 7
Diodes and Transistor Circuits 

Transistor Circuit Demonstrations 


Varactor Diode Lecture(MP3)   Zener Diode Lecture(MP3)  Metallic Rectifier Lectur(MP3)   


Full Wave Rectifier.
The scope shows the waveform at TP1(Red) and the output of the rectifier (Green). The animation shows the effect of varying C (from 1.0 uf to 1000 uf) on the ripple voltage of the rectified output.

Vert. 2V/division  Horiz. 5 msec/division 


To Troubleshoot Rectifier Circuits Click Here!

New! Transistor MP3 Lecture and Animation Click Here! 

Regulated Power Supply

If you would like to troubleshoot above regulated power supply circuit. Click here to go to exercises in Troubleshooting Workbook. To Troubleshoot circuit below Click here .


Transistor Amplifier


 To observe operation of circuit below.  Click Here! 





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