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Chapter 7
Diodes and Transistor Circuits 

Troubleshooting Laboratory

Transistor Circuit Demonstrations 

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Varactor Diode Lecture(MP3)   Zener Diode Lecture(MP3)  Metallic Rectifier Lectur(MP3)   

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Diodes and Transistors

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Full Wave Rectifier.
The scope shows the waveform at TP1(Red) and the output of the rectifier (Green). The animation shows the effect of varying C (from 1.0 uf to 1000 uf) on the ripple voltage of the rectified output.

Vert. 2V/division  Horiz. 5 msec/division 


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Regulated Power Supply

If you would like to troubleshoot above regulated power supply circuit. Click here to go to exercises in Troubleshooting Workbook. To Troubleshoot circuit below Click here .


Transistor Amplifier


 To observe operation of circuit below.  Click Here! 



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Transistor Amplifiers and 
Voltage Regulators




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