Heat Engine Fault 1

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Heat Engine Fault 1

Step 1.    Type in kilowatts you wish to input to Boiler(0 - 200) than click ENTER.
Step 2.    Close Boiler Output Valve by clicking CLOSE button.  
Step 3.    Click 1 sec button to to observe initial conditions.
Step 4.    Click Valve Position buttons to control heat engine.
Step 5.    Experiment with controlling engine with valves in order to demonstrate system failure 


Kilowatts Input ( dQh/dt )     

Valve Position            

Time (In seconds) 

Degrees Kelvin, (Qhigh temperature) Max 1125

Degrees Kelvin, (Qcold temperature) Max 500

Kilowatts output  

Advance Time:          

After Reset repeat steps 1-3.

KW hrs Output/ KW hrs Input = 



Select Most Likely Fault:

1. Heat Engine efficiency decreased.

2. The valve failed in closed position.

3. The valve failed in Partially Open position.

4. The valve failed in Full Open position.

5.  The Condenser/Radiator  system is defective. It radiates to little heat at all temperatures.  The black body effective surface area has decreased due to failure (such as a clogged tube) of the radiator heat distribution system.




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