Heat Engine Simulation

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Newton's Laws and Thermodynamics are the only sections complete as if 6-23-09.

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Heat Engine with Black Body Radiator Baseline

Step 1.    Type in kilowatts you wish to input to Boiler(0 - 200) than click ENTER.
Step 2.    Close Boiler Output Valve by clicking CLOSE button.  
Step 3.    Click 1 sec button to to observe initial conditions.
Step 4.    Click Valve Position buttons to control heat engine.
Step 5.    Experiment with controlling engine with valves and input wattage.  


Kilowatts Input ( dQh/dt )     

Valve Position            

Time (In seconds) 

Degrees Kelvin, (Qhigh temperature) Max 1125

Degrees Kelvin, (Qcold temperature) Max 500

Kilowatts output  

Advance Time:          

After Reset repeat steps 1-3.

KW hrs Output/ KW hrs Input = 



Troubleshoot Fault 1: Go there!


Download Window Version Free!

Windows Version of Heat Engine gives teachers a free download of a highly interactive version of Heat engine that teachers can make part of their curriculum and use indefinitely.

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