Motion in Space

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Newton's Laws and Thermodynamics are the only sections complete as if 6-23-09.

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Motion In Deep (Gravity Free) Space

The initial two dimensional coordinates of the stationary spaceship are (X =0, Y = 0).  To move ship you must type and enter the Ship Orientation and the Thrust Duration.  Next, click one of the three engine control buttons below.  The ship will be accelerated at the Orientation angle for the Duration time at the rate indicated on the button.  The STOP ENGINE button acceleration is zero but motion continues at the constant Speed and Course for Duration.    Note that the Orientation of the ship and the Course of ship are independent each other.  In a vacuum, a spaceship need not point in same direction that is moves.


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  Enter Ship Orientation(0 - 360 degrees)    Enter Thrust Duration (Integer 1- 1200 minutes)

Speed (km/sec)      Course (degrees)

X (in km) = , Y (in km) 

 Time (in kilo-seconds)  

Engine Control Buttons Below:

                                Reenter Orientation and Duration after Reset

Note: Ship Orientation and Course are independent of each other.

Exercise: Travel to X = 1000km + or - 1.0km  and Y = 1000km + or - 1.0 km and stop there ( slowing to a velocity less than 10 meters per second constitutes a stop).

Use this Graph Paper to Plot Motion. 

Takeoff and Land in a Gravitational Field

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