Soft Landing

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 Soft Landing

In this simulation, your spacecraft is in a constant gravitation field of .124 Meters per second per second.  You must first launch the ship from ground with a Thrust Duration of 10 seconds at 1 meter per second per second (Full Speed Ahead) at 90 degrees.  Note the value of Fuel Expended.  Press STOP ENGINE button repeatedly; this causes time to advance for the period specified by Duration.  The ship will continue to freefall (up at first and then down) each time you click STOP ENGINE.  You must fire engines (SLOW or Full Speed Ahead) to avoid a high Speed crash landing. 

The goal of game is to land at low speed ( less than .5 meters per second) while expending a minimum of additional fuel.

You can also travel and land at a different X location. Also try firing space ship like a ground to ground missile! Invent your own game!



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  Enter Ship Orientation(0 - 360 degrees)    Enter Thrust Duration (Integer 1- 6000 seconds)

Speed (meters/sec)      Course (degrees)

X (in km) = , Altitude (in km) 

 Time (in kilo-seconds)   
 Fuel Expended (in seconds of Full Power

Engine Control Buttons Below:

                                      Reenter course and burn duration after Reset

See Surface Graph Paper. 


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