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Newton's Laws and Thermodynamics are the only sections complete as if 6-23-09.

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Status of Virtual Physics Laboratories 1

Science Ebooks believes physics is an integral part of teaching system troubleshooting.  Teaching electronics, refrigeration, mechanics separately as independent subjects is no longer possible. It is obvious to most that mechanics need more knowledge of electronics than was needed fifty years ago. It is not as obvious that electronic technicians need more education in physics and require a greater knowledge of mechanical systems. The inclusion of these subjects may require the deletion of some electronics topics from the vocational electronics curriculum. Furthermore, many electronics topics required by engineers that are not useful in troubleshooting electronic systems should be deleted from the vocational curriculum.

Today's Microcircuit small component size makes them far more difficult to probe than the circuits of yesteryear. Thus, analysis of the mechanics and thermodynamics of systems must be included along with the available electronics test point data.  For this reason after years of developing electronics circuit simulations, We are now (starting 2006) developing physics simulations for the vocational students.

Readers of books about physics or electronics will be given opportunities to apply their new found knowledge to the simulated troubleshooting of systems ranging from ion propelled spaceships to digital microprocessors.  

Our progress is recorded below.  

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2006 Status Reports

bulletApril  Released Newton's Laws simulations.
bulletJune -- Q2
bulletSeptember -- Q3
bulletDecember -- Annual


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