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Newton's Laws and Thermodynamics are the only sections complete as if 6-23-09.

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Rankin Heat Engine Simulation.

 Below you see a typical diagram of a heat engine.  In the simulation metaphor it is a futuristic near perfect Rankin engine.  That is the power output  is 90% of the theoretical heat engine maximum. 

KWoutput = .90 * KWinput * (Thigh - Tlow) / Thigh  .... where  Thigh is the Boiler temperature and Tlow is Condenser temperature. 

The Heat Engine is being tested in deep space by heating the working fluid in the boiler with electricity (rather than a nuclear reactor) for accuracy of measurement and measuring power output with a Generator and power meter. The Generator is 95% efficient and the power meter is calibrated to read 5 % high so that it reads the actual power output of the heat engine. 

Click Here to see Video animation of Heat Engine.     



In the JavaScript simulation you control the boiler valve and the kilowatts of electricity going to the Boiler. Game ends when you exceed maximum Boiler or Condenser temperature or when Reset button is clicked!  In the vacuum of space, the Condenser can only cool by means of Black Body radiation. 

Engineering Notes:

1. Power output does not cease immediately when boiler valve is closed due to small vapor reservoir in Super heater.

2. Popup Message will indicate when you damaged either the boiler or condenser.  The simulation will not reset automatically. Click Reset button to restart simulation. 

3. The heat engine operates at 96% of the efficiency of a ideal Rankin engine.     


JavaScript Simulations Below

Heat Engine Simulation

Engine Boiler Set


Windows Simulations Below

Windows Version of Heat Engine gives teachers a free download of a highly interactive version of Heat engine that teachers can make part of their curriculum and use indefinitely.

Windows Version of Heat Engine.


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