Thrust and Motion

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Newton's Laws and Thermodynamics are the only sections complete as if 6-23-09.

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Thrust and Motion 

In this simulation the spaceship weighs 1000 kilograms and it carries 8900 kilograms of cesium propellant for the ion propulsion engines.  Travel away from center coordinates at maximum acceleration.  Note speed attained. Then  slow and reverse the spaceship course.   Bring spaceship to rest* at home (coordinates 0, 0**). Try to rich high maximum speed when going and coming without running out of fuel before coming to rest* back at home (0,0)*.  Play like a game or make calculations as required to optimize flight plan. Note, the maximum speed attained going and coming.  Your score is the lower of the two peak speeds attained.   
*consider rest < 10 meters per second 
**consider x  < 1 km, y < 1 km as home.


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  Enter Ship Orientation(0 - 360 degrees)         Enter Thrust Duration (Integer 1- 1200 minutes)

Speed (km/sec)   Acceleration (meters/sec/sec)

Course (degrees)

X (in km) = , Y (in km) 

 Time (in kilo-seconds)    
 Fuel (kilo-grams)  

Engine Control Buttons Below:

                                Reenter course and burn duration after Reset

Graph Paper for Plotting Course

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