Windows Version of Heat Engine

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Windows Version of Heat Engine



Download File HE500AKit
Note that your malware protection does not know who the publisher of this software is and will display a security warning.  I am a desktop publisher ( which you can verify by checking URL at top of screen.  Recommend that after downloading Zip files you "Extract All" and right click extracted folder and than "Scan" it for viruses.  Note that all programs are created by me  using Power Basic.  



Kit Contents

The kit contains one Heat Engine Simulation with no faults and four heat engines simulations.  Starting with good engine Set Power Input an temperature. d Set % Open  for maximum sustainable output without exceeding maximum Electric Boiler or  Condenser Radiator temperature.  You must enforce your rules.  I have not built in any catastrophic engine failure messages into this simulation.   Therefore, you are not confined to operating engine at MAX 1925/500 limits that I labeled panel with. This software is a baseline for future games or tests that I plan to develop. 


Test the faulty circuits determine which of the following is the fault.  Answers are shown on first popup message box that appears when you Click EXIT button.  Quick click OK without reading answer when exiting program if you wish to go back problem at a later time.

Possible Failure List

1. Valve is defective.

2. Efficiency of the engine dropped to only 20%.  Only 20% of what an ideal heat engine would output  was actually output to KW Output  Power Meter and 80% went to Condenser Radiator as heat.  The manufactures 

3. Condenser Radiator is defective.

4. Engine unable to sustain power output in excess of 2 kilowatts for more than an hour.



1. Control Data is inputted by clicking Set Power Input and Set % Open button.  Start with 10 kilowatts input and 50% open the first time you use program.  Then tune engine for maximum performance or at least to the point where you can sustain power above 4 kilowatts for an hour or more.

2. Never type in any textbox, because they are for displaying data only.

3. The Closed, Partially Open, and Full Open buttons control Valve position.  

4. Click The Advance Time button to make heat engine run the indicated period of time.

5. When the Heat Engine fails during operation, it may go into Steam* Bypass Mode to protect engine.  The heat bypassed goes directly to condenser.   

6. The Manufacturers Specified Efficiency refers to the percentage of power that would be generated by an ideal Rankin engine that should actually be outputted by the engine.  In this simulation the Manufacturers Specified Efficiency is 80%.

7. Engine Efficiency in Status Report is simply Power Out/Power In.

8. Press Esc button if you cannot Exit Program. You will only have to do this if you bring up multiple message boxes and leave them on top of each other.  If you wish to view multiple Status Reports do not let them pile up in center of screen.  Move them to different locations on screen so that OK button can be accessed on all message boxes.


* Steam does not indicate working fluid is water.  Working fluid in this simulation does not freeze or ionize at any temperature.  The Steam or Vapor pressure table for this Working Fluid is not specified in this simulation, and you do not need it to troubleshoot faulty systems.


Boiler and Condenser Heat Sensor Interface Schematic.


Notes to

1. Heat Sensor#1 is part of Module S1. S1 is Inserted into Boiler.

2. Heat Sensor#2 is part of Module S2 . S2 is Inserted into Condenser.

3. Bridge Output Amplifier 1 (Analog Output#1) is part of Analog  Module #1

4. Bridge Output Amplifier 1 (Analog Output#2) is part of Analog  Module #2

5. ADC#1/Shift Register#1 is part of  Digital Module #1

6. ADC#1/Shift Register#1 is part of  Digital Module #2. 

7. Serial to Parallel Multiplexer (MUX) is part of Digital Module #3. 


Download File HE500BKit

Kit 500B contains six files:

Determine which module failed in units F2 thru F6. Answer is displayed in a Message Box when you exit simulation. Exit quickly and don't read messages if you wish to return to problem.     

Also see online JavaScript Heat Engine Simulation with fault.













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